Friday, May 30, 2014

Scale.. Me not

Happy Beautiful Friday Folks! The sun is shining and it is the best day of the week! I hope yall have something fun planned for the weekend, the weather is supposed to hold up for us so why not get outside and try something new?

I want to address the scale… You know that thing that sits in your bathroom and stares at you, calling your name to just take one step up on it? That thing that some may fear, some may despise and some may not even use. Yea that thing! Listen to me very carefully… Do NOT let that THING define YOU. Have you ever found yourself stuck at a certain number and no matter how hard you try, it doesn’t budge? That number is not who YOU are. That number does not tell the true story about the amazing person behind it.

Many use the scale in order to track their weight loss progress. Some may get extremely frustrated when it doesn’t move in the direction they hoped. You know what? Progress is not solely measured by what number the scale exhibits. Progress is in the eye of the beholder. Progress is defined in soo many different ways; you just have to know where to look.

When someone tells me that their weight hasn’t gone done or maybe it has even gone up, I reassure them not to worry about it. If you are following your lifestyle plan ie eating right and exercising, that is progress in itself! If you have more energy throughout the day because you are eating balanced meals every day, that’s progress! If your clothes fit better and you are wearing items that you used to not be able to, progress!

What about this… If you find that you are overeating less or you are eating more vegetables, progress! Maybe your body weight has remained the same but your body fat percentage has reduced, that’s progress!! Maybe you find that you are more positive, more determined and more focused than before, yep that’s the progress I am talking about!

Please do not get stuck on what that number on the scale says. Do not let it put limits on who you are and where you are going! If you are going to weigh yourself, aim to do it first thing in the morning after things Try to stay consistent, so if you weigh yourself with only socks on, do that every time. Also, do not weigh yourself every day! If you must weigh in, do it once a week and move on. Life is too great to be held back by a number on the scale.

Take care of you!


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