Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 Day You Challenge

Hope you all enjoyed the nice long weekend and are ready for a challenge! This is not your ordinary challenge, but a fun way to express and share YOU. I have seen this pop up a couple times on blogs that I read and wanted to share with you a little more about me! I won't post it all in one day because it seems a little long for one post. I'll start with the 10 secrets:

  1. I have more ideas than I have energy to complete them. I have a huge list of goals, dreams and things I want to do but it gets exhausting looking at them. lol
  2. I’m a sucker for love stories ie Nicolas Sparks books/movies. They get me every time.
  3. I have enough clothes in my closet (and the hall closet and the guest room closet) for at least 10 people!
  4. I should open a gym on the beach in Hawaii...barbells and tans, now that's what I call work!
  5. I love climbing into freshly washed sheets. It feels like a mini vacation!
  6. I have loved vegetables since I was little. At the age of 5, I requested a salad at McDonald's during a birthday party.
  7. I may complain about early mornings but I secretly LOVE getting a lot done before most are even awake!
  8. I'm a true cowgirl at heart. I love to wear my dirty cowboy boots while covered in horse hair listening to country music in an old beat up pick-up truck. That is my ideal life!
  9. I just recently found my first gray hair and plucked it out IMMEDIATELY! Stressed me out!
  10. I could never ever give up chocolate. Okay so maybe that's not a secret ;)
I would love to hear from you! Join in on the 10 Day YOU challenge! I will be posting once a week for the next 10 weeks and hope you join me :) 
A little recipe that I can not get enough of is veggie egg white cups that quick and convenient. They make a great breakfast, snack, pre- or post-workout meal and super easy to make! 


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