Thursday, May 15, 2014

Gym Bag Essentials

I am guilty. I am guilty of carrying WAAAAAAAY too much crap around in my purse, my gym bag, and sometimes the back seat of my car! You know how it is, the bigger the bag the more stuff you tend to put in it (c’mon I know I am not the ONLY one). After cleaning out my gym bag the other day, which mind you it HAD to weigh at least 10 lbs, I decided to show you an inside look into my gym bag and provide what I find are the essentials while getting rid of the unnecessary crap-o-la.
  • Versa grips! They are an absolute must for me! I use them on heavy back days which include lots of pulling and ending with heavy shrugs. They save my hands and help me lift more, especially if I do not have a spotter. If you prefer weight lifting gloves, then those replace the versa grips and are a must for your bag.
  • IPod Shuffle- This little clip on is awesome! I used to lug around a traditional iPod in an arm band and it would either come unstrapped in the middle of a lift or it would start stinking (sorry TMI). With the shuffle, it was love at first use. I clip it on to my sports bra or tank and it stays out of my way during my workout, just how I like it! 
  • Extra headphones- If you have ever pulled out your head bands and realized A. you are missing the rubber piece for one of your ear buds or B. one of your ear buds has shorted out, then you know why an extra pair is a must! 
  • Hand Sanitizer! I carry a bottle of this stuff in my car, purse, and gym bag. After reading a scary statistic that 90% of all infectious diseases are carried on the hands, I would rather be safe than sorry! I know using this stuff is not the same as washing with hot water and soap, but if you are in a bind and do not have access to a sink; I think it is better than going without!
  • Resistabands-These are great to use for assisted pull-ups, resisted running training, and monster walks. I keep a long one and a short on in my bag so no matter what body part I am training, I can always incorporate something new.
  • Jump rope! This has been my go to when I need a good butt whoopin! I keep a jump rope in my bag and use it for quick cardio intervals in between sets especially on leg day or if I cannot make it to the gym, I can always use it at the park, on the trail, or in my driveway!
  • Protein powder- I ALWAYS always keep some type of protein powder or bar in my bag in case of emergencies. Typically, I have my post-workout meal in my cooler or I am heading straight home to make it but when I am on the go and end up running an extra errand or two, I keep something reliable and easy to eat. This has saved me especially when I get stuck in traffic with low blood sugar lol
  • Water bottle/shaker- An absolute must! Normally the shaker is filled with my pre-workout and I re-fill it with water during training. I like shakers because I can use them for pre, mid and post-workout beverages and shakes. 
  • Hair ties/bobby pins/Head band- Yep I am the queen of bobby pins! I have them everywhere and my husband makes sure to tell me when he finds one! You never know when you (or someone you know) might need a hair tie. Plus if you are running around after the gym, I will mask my sweaty hair in a braid with a head band. 
  • Face wipes- I really like the Yes brand at target. I keep them in my bag for the same reason I do the headbands. I want to wipe the sweat off my face before I run a bunch of errands (yes I am that girl who doesn't care after a workout)
  • Extra Sports bra, socks and tank- On several occasions, I will head out the door in the morning with the intention of hitting the gym after work to realize I have forgotten socks, a bra or both. I try to keep an extra with me so I don’t run into any excuse not to hit the gym but it is also a refreshing moment to put on a dry sports bra after a hard training session if you are not heading straight home.
As you can see that is a peak into my bag, but I know there is justification for it weighing 10 lbs! J Okay so maybe it is down to 6 after I eliminated duplicates (even threesomes) of everything!

One obsession I have to share with you is the veggie spiral cutter (Spirelli Slicer). I am in love with it and actually have a tasty treat if you want another way to prepare your sweet potatoes! It has also come in handy with zucchini, eggplant, and beets.

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