Thursday, May 22, 2014

Who Inspires YOU?

Welcome to Thursday, the NEW FRIDAY! This post is dubbed ‘Thoughts for Thursday’ and will be a post dedicated to some amazing women I follow. They are women who empower. Women who radiate beauty from the inside out. Women who take time to feed and nurture their souls. Women who actively live a wholesome lifestyle. Women who share their trials, tribulations, ups, and downs because that is what life is all about. I encourage you to check them out for they might just be what you need to fill your inspiration tank.

Brooke Erickson

Brooke Erickson is a woman of truth. She shares the nitty gritty of juggling fitness, diet, motherhood, competing, and entrepreneurship all in one day. She will make you laugh and cry and she might even make you think “thank goodness there is someone else out there who struggles with the same things I do”. She encourages you daily to discover your inner strength and reminds you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

Eat Clean, Be Happy

 This is a blog written by a good friend of mine. She shares great information about health and nutrition especially from a scientific stand point. She radiates beauty and because of her, I have found a passion for meditation and self-discovery. 

She is More

This site is fantastic. The women of She is More bring their expertise and wisdom in a spiritual manner to inspire your heart. There are articles for every aspect of life and I have found several that speak and encourage me to stay true to who I am.

Erin Stern

I love Erin Stern! She is a track athlete turned figure competitor but leads her life by example. Her workouts are fantastic, her meal ideas are delicious and she also finds balance in an otherwise unbalanced sport (when all you think about is competing versus trying and enjoying new things in your life). 

Pioneer Woman

I adore Ree! I first read her book ‘Black Heels to Tractor Wheels’ and it was a book I did NOT want to end. I love her humor, her kindred spirit and I am extremely jealous of her umpteen million acre ranch in Oklahoma! She provides humor, delicious recipes, and fantastic photography of her kids, dogs, horses and of course Marlboro Man!

There are SOO many more that I could share with you but what I really want to know is… Who or what inspires YOU? Please let me know where you go to seek inspiration for your mind and body!

Take care of you,



  1. A fit healthy women inspires me. No matter the age I find it very inspiring and motivating when I see a women that is naturally in good shape. You know she takes good care of herself making good choices and eating right. Which isn't easy to do with so many fast food options and medical options to enhance your looks in many different ways. Jamey you are a great example of a fit healthy women!

    1. Thanks girl! But it takes one to know one! You inspire me daily and watching you transform into a muscle machine has been a pleasure! Keep rocking it girl!