Friday, May 16, 2014

Fro-Yo Friday

Friday is here! Hope you smashed your goals and had a fantastic week! As promised, I have four separate Tabata workouts which you can do each on separately or combine a couple of them. Any exercise can be turned into a Tabata and it is up to you to be creative when planning your workout. Grab a workout partner, pick 2-4 of your favorite exercises, and boom! It’s Tabata time!

The four listed workouts incorporate two exercises that you rotate through four times to get an entire session completed. If you feel like really challenging yourself, combine workout 1 and 2 for a longer (kick a@#) session!


Saturdays usually involve a treat meal, but I was recently presented with a fantastic opportunity and will be carefully watching my diet for the next few weeks! A typical treat meal involves some sort of frozen yogurt with all my favorite toppings! (think more toppings than actual yogurt) However, it is time to clean it up and so I wanted to share my homemade froyo recipe that is satisfying but does not leave your tummy wondering what just happened!

Have a great weekend. Take care of you!


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