Friday, May 9, 2014

A Tribute to Mamas

Mother's day is Sunday (in case you didn't know ;)) and I want to wish all you mothers a very happy day! Whether you have been a mom for many years, are about to be a mommy for the first time or are a proud mama of a four-legged furry kid, you all deserve to be loved and appreciated for all that you do! This post is dedicated to my best friend... My Mama!

She is the most amazing woman in the world and if you have not met her, you are missing out. She is my confidant, my friend, my crutch, my everything and I do not know where I would be with out her by my side. I know with out a doubt that if ever I fall, she will be there to pick me up, skinned knees and all. From the earliest days she has been encouraging me to become anything I want to be as long as it makes me happy.
She drove me to every dang club volleyball tournament in the Northwest with a smile on her face, sitting there watching patiently. Little does she know I have been watching her in admiration for years and I will never be able to tell her how much she means to me nor will I ever be able to describe how much I love her.

My mom has picked up the pieces when everything shattered at once, she has been there, no questions asked, when I needed help out of a sticky situation and she has saved me on several occasions by delivering prepped meals for competitions! She has pushed me when I felt like giving up and throwing in the towel.She has encouraged me to be a woman of strength, courage and independence. I have watched my mom work her butt off for our family and never complain about it nor give up when times got a little rocky. 

I am proud to say I am like my mom for I have her genuine heart, her loving nature and times of indecisiveness (I never thought I would be proud to say that....) I love the way my mom will send a card of the blue because she just wants to check in or will surprise my husband with special treats like a bag of fresh black licorice because she can. I remember my mom cheering for me at every school function and staying up late to make sure I had a clean uniform. I remember snuggling next to her on a bad day and feeling as if everything would be okay, no matter how crummy it was because she would always hold me like her little girl.

She once gave me a book with the lyrics and cd to this song. Every time I think about this, my eyes begin to well up with tears. 

Thank you mama for everything! Thank you for being my rock when I needed to be strong. Thank you for being my leader when I needed guidance. Thank you for my friend when everyone else walked out on me. Thank you for funding my many expensive hobbies :) Thank you for giving me everything I have and making me into what I am today. 

I am a strong healthy independent woman wishing for the world and chasing her dreams because of you. You have allowed me to spread my wings and fly. Thank you. I love you!


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  1. Thank you so much for your kind and loving words. I am so proud of the amazing woman my little girl has grown up to be!!! I love you to the moon and back...Mama