Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What does strong mean? According to Websters Dictionary, strong is: having or marked by great physical power; having moral or intellectual power; and not easily injured or disturbed (there are about 8 more definitions). Strong will mean something different to each and everyone of us. Strong might be the scar staring back at you after a battle with a life changing event. It might be conquering a fear that has always held you back. It might be carrying in every.damn.grocery.bag. so you don't have to make two trips. It might be carrying your kiddo around for hours on your back. It might be lending a shoulder for your best friend to cry on. It could be ANYTHING.
What does it feel like to be strong?

To me, being strong is having the ability to look at myself and truly accept everything I see. I have battled body image issues and I know what both sides of the light look like. Feeling strong is watching the men at the gym stare because I am lifting more weight than they are. That is not only strong, that is pure awesomeness! Strong is being able to pick up and move objects around my house without any help (although I do have my husband open those stupid jars that are sealed so tight I feel like I may get Carpel Tunnel from attempting to open them).

The point is, when you believe in yourself and push out of your comfort zone, there is a whole world awaiting for you! If you are afraid to start at a new gym, use a trial period to see if it is for you and take a group fitness class. If you have been wanting to start your journey to a healthy lifestyle reach out to someone you trust and ask them to help. Do not be afraid to try something. You will be stronger for it!

Switching gears... I have been using Advocare products for over a year and have seen a big difference in the way I feel. There a few challengers out there kicking booty on the program! They melt my heart and I absolutely love helping individuals feel better, physically and mentally! I have come up with a new recipe that is 'Challenge Friendly'.

Take care of you!


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