Thursday, February 27, 2014

No Gym...No Problem

This week has flown by and I do not even know what day it is. Just kidding. I know what day it is. No it’s not ‘Hump Day’ (visualize the camel from the Geiko commercial). But really, it is almost the best day of the week. Its Friday’s eve! With that being said, it is time to set your mind to an activity that you will pursue this weekend. If it is nice outside, head to a local walking trail and go for a stroll. Try a new activity or look in your local paper and see what is happening in your area. For instance, this weekend is the Hot Chocolate Run in Seattle. It sounds like a great time and you can choose between the 5k and the 15k. Not to mention, the chocolate goodness that is at the finish line.
But what happens when the weather is not cooperating with your outside activities and you may not have a gym membership or if you do, you just cannot make it because of your crazy schedule? That’s when you put on your big girl (or boy) gym pants and bust out a home workout. But you might be thinking “I don’t have any equipment”. No worries! I have created a workout that you can do right in your living room with no gear needed. So here is the nitty gritty!
o    15 jumping jacks
o    10 body weight squats
o    5 push ups
o    30 seconds skip rope (no rope needed, just pretend you have one)
Circuit One (Perform 3x):
o    20 Squats
o    10 Incline Pushups (use your couch or a chair pushed against the wall)
o    10 Chair Dips
o    15 crunches
Circuit Two (Perform 3x):
o    20 Sumo Squats
o    10 Pushups
o    10 Lunges (10 per side)
o    30 Second Plank Holds

Perform circuit one, rest for 30 seconds, and then perform circuit 2. Rotate through the circuits three times each. 

 Now on to the rest of the goodies! I have seen this over and over on Pinterest and the Betty Crocker inside of me has been dying to try it, well that or the country girl inside of me. It is Overnight Oats in a Mason jar. I love my oatmeal and sometimes wish I could eat it for dinner. I love trying new things and plan to make baked oatmeal this weekend (recipe to come). If you are anything like me, then you have tons of mason jars in your cupboards. It might sound unusual but it is because that is what we used for beer mugs at our wedding. Anyways, back to the oats! So here is what I did:

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