Friday, February 7, 2014

News Flash Friday

It is always a wonderful feeling waking up on a Friday morning knowing you are close to the weekend, and my to-do list suddenly grows out of control for Saturday morning chores and Sunday food prep! I have decided to dedicate this day to "News Flash Friday" in which I will update you on a trending topic in the health and fitness world that I find interesting or fascinating or controversial or anything of the sorts. I truly believe that you should know what is in your food and I hold strong to this belief for there are way too many false claims and advertisements surrounding the products we put in our bodies. For example, many have heard of Vitamin Water whose labels use words like defense or energy, making claims that these products help. But did you know that although Vitamin Water does include the vitamins it lists on the labels, the advertising glosses over the fact that all of its 125 calories come from sugar, that is equivalent to Soda. How about Gerber Graduate Fruit Juice Snacks. The box is covered in brightly colored images of fruits, claiming to be made with fresh fruit juice but in reality, research shows that the product is actually made with high fructose corn syrup and sugar, and these are for preschoolers?? A hot item I recently read involves Subway and their bread. What does an avid yogi and Subway have in common?? They both use yoga mats! Yes, you read that right... According to CNN, Subway (as well as other facilities) use a 'dough conditioner' called azodicarbonamide, a chemical that is also found in yoga mats and shoe soles. Subway is not the only food chain using this particular chemical in their food. According to the article, other food chains such as McDonalds, Arby's and even Starbucks sell items that also contain azodicarbonamide. The article is here: Subway Bread Conditioner. Sounds appetizing huh? Even more reason to stick to clean, whole foods that you prepare! 

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