Tuesday, June 3, 2014

YOU Challenge- #9

To those of you who participated with 'Ten Secrets', THANK YOU! I loved reading about you and learning more about what makes you YOU.

Now to the next part of the challenge, Nine Lives... Oops I mean Nine LOVES (nine lives would be a completely separate post on its own!) There are many things I love so keeping it at nine is going to be a challenge but here it goes...

1. My Hubby! I love this man with my whole heart. He has shown me what it feels like to be loved by someone unconditionally. He is patient, kind, unselfish and he puts up with me!

2. My family! There are no words to describe what my family means to me. They have been there through the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. There is not one thing I would not do or give to my family.


3. My kiddos, the bulldogs! They provide me with companionship, love, laughter and a whole lot of frustration. They have the sweetest hearts and think that they are 10-lb lap dogs when in all reality they are 70 (Pudge) and 45 (Stella) pound lap dogs.

4. I love kicking ass! I love a challenge and I love the feeling that comes with conquering something I thought I could not do! Examples include Grad school, figure competitions, leading by example, and truly loving every thing about my life. When you change your outlook, everything falls into place and it is an amazing feeling!

5. Rodeo and horses. In third grade, my dad gave me my first horse and it was love at first sight. I am extremely compassionate about horses and I truly believe that they heal the soul. The way their soft nose nudges you right at the perfect moment, or the way their breath smells after a crunchy carrot. They are amazing creatures and someday I will have a couple in my barn (I can dream right?)

6. Girlfriends! I love my girls that I can count on any time of the day for anything! When you find a true friend, hold them with both of your hands and cherish every moment with them. I feel like my girlfriends were supposed to be my sisters (not sure how my mama would feel about that) but they mean the world to me and every moment spent with them, fills my heart with joy!

7. Exercise (and Muscles!) Whooop! Bet ya wouldn't have guessed this one huh?! I love the way I feel after a good workout. Spending time bettering my health clears my mind and soothes my soul. And yes, I looove muscle! I love everything about it and love helping others achieve their muscle building goals!

8. Traveling- I love to explore new towns, cities, states, and countries. I may not travel as much as I would like but the little amount that I have, has been a true blessing. I love experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. Some of my favorite memories include swimming with sharks in Bora Bora, partying with my mom in San Francisco, hitting the NFR in Vegas with my sister and snowboarding in Montana with my family.

9. Dragonflies. There is not one single word that describes how I feel about dragonflies. These beautiful insects mean more then words can describe to me. Whenever I see one, I know my angel Laurie is watching over me. She was there on my wedding day, she was there on my last important appointment and I know she will always be there, reassuring me through life's many twists and turns. Dragonflies are my hope.

I would love to hear from you and your nine loves!


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