Thursday, March 20, 2014

What in the World?!

Some of you may have seen pieces of equipment in the gym, at a sporting goods store, or in a magazine and wondered WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT?! There are some pretty neat gizmos and gadgets that you can use to change up your workout and prevent boredom, whether it is at home, in the gym or on the road.

The BOSU (BO-SUE)-This blue rubber, half-dome looking thing is named for “both sides up” meaning it can be used with the blue dome facing up or with the flat side facing up. It can be very challenging and add variety to any given workout. There are so many exercises you can do with the BOSU including: squats (on either side, with one foot on), lunges (one foot on at a time), multiple core exercises, push-ups, plyometric workouts, ect.

The TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise)-First utilized in the Navy SEALS, suspension training will help develop balance, strength, flexibility with bodyweight exercises. The principal behind this piece of equipment is utilizing gravity and your bodyweight to perform different exercises. Some gyms offer TRX group classes which can be very fun especially if you get a couple friends to go. You can work with a trainer one-on-one or watch youtube videos to learn a variety of movements.

The Kettlebell- Developed in Russia; the Kettlebell is a cast-iron weight that has a cannonball looking bottom with an upside down triangular handle. This piece of equipment is highly utilized in Crossfit, mobility work including the Turkish getup, conditioning and strength development. Some gyms offer Kettlebell classes or if you want one-on-one practice, hiring a trainer might be of interest. My favorite exercise is the Kettlebell swing which I use for conditioning purposes. I feel strong and love the way my core burns after a workout. Watch here: Kettlebell Swing

Jacob’s Ladder- This piece of equipment was developed to help a man suffering from knee and back pain, maintain his conditioning without inducing further injury. It is not only efficient but also an effective tool that provides full body conditioning! You can use it for aerobic and endurance training, weightloss, and intervals. It is not as common as the other pieces of equipment but sure is fun to use if you have the chance!

Battle Ropes- These are 2-inch thick ropes that are awesome tools for conditioning and building strength and stamina. They can be found at some gyms or you can purchase them for your own use. The rope is anchored to a non-movable pole or piece of equipment and moved in different patterns. If you want to feel the burn, a battle rope workout is what you need to try. Just don’t expect to dry your hair the next couple of days! Watch here: Battle Ropes

Prowler Sleds- A piece of equipment you will find in most strength, Crossfit, and athletic performance gyms. The Prowler sled was originally designed to train and condition football linemen. This is an awesome conditioning tool that really develops strength and power in the legs, hips, and arms. A sled will truly reveal the type of shape you are in, trust me…I have almost puked a couple times from sled workouts. The Prowler is excellent for conditioning, dragging, pushing, and building strength and endurance. Watch here: Prowler Push

I really hope that you get to use one of these pieces of equipment! I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to add variety to your training regimen not only to prevent boredom but also keep your body guessing in order to maximize your workouts!

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