Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites Part 2

Hello Friday! We are almost to the weekend folks and in light of my favorite day, I decided to continue with a part 2 of Friday Favorites. This time around I want to share some of my favorite foods, drinks and recovery agents that I use frequently in my program. Some I use every single day and some are added in sporadically.

Muscle Gain™Advocare Muscle Gain- I am really big into Advocare products and love the results I see from using them. The muscle gain is one of my favorite products right now and it provides the perfect combination of amino acids, whey protein blend, and carbohydrates for a post-workout meal. I can either toss a packet in my gym bag or throw a couple scoops in my shaker. The chocolate is divine and mixes well with water or I will blend it with almond milk, a TBSP of almond butter and ice for a thick shake.

Whey Protein Isolate Cold-FiltrationTrue Nutrition Whey Protein Isolate Cold-Filtration- I love this product especially for my post-workout recovery mix or late night meals. The cold-filtration process separates the proteins through the use of microfiltering the mass while using a cold environment. This process allows the protein to be removed from the unwanted fat, lactose, and the like. Cold-Filtration Isolate is almost fat free and lactose free, so late at night it does not cause any stomach issues. There are many many flavors and you can choose additional add-ins such as extra carbohydrates or a vitamin-mineral mix. You also have the opportunity to add the type of sweetener you would like used such as stevia, Splenda or go with unsweetened. My favorite is Dutch Chocolate Fudge! I have turned it into hot cocoa or a chocolate mug cake!

Nighttime RecoveryAdvocare Nighttime Recovery- This stuff is amazing! I have been taking two at night and have noticed a huge difference in my body’s ability to recover from tough workouts. Actually, I notice the biggest difference when I DON’T take them! I wake up feeling like I got run over by a MAC truck when I forget to take the nighttime recovery supplement. It is made of amino acids, minerals, and root/vegetable extracts and helps support muscle repair and growth while you sleep.

Quest Bars- I don’t eat very many protein bars, in fact I am very picky about which ones I eat because there are many that are filled with additives and crap I can’t even pronounce (the same holds true for protein powders). Quest bars seem to be a “better alternative”, meaning less of the artificial stuff and more whole food ingredients than most bars (of course nothing compares to simply eating whole foods!) They are lower in sugar and carbohydrates while providing 20 g protein for under 200 calories. But sometimes when you are on the run and you need something ASAP before you get to Hangry (that angry feeling from being hungry) they can be a lifesaver. I use them as a treat when I have a really bad sweet tooth or will incorporate them into a cheat meal. The chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite. I will cut of a SMALL piece and heat in the microwave for 10 seconds creating a cookie dough-like treat.

ARO Fruit Punch Glutamine- Most of the supplements we purchase come from Vitacost because they have free shipping for orders over $49 and they always have Bogo specials or close-out deals that you won’t find anywhere else. The ARO (which is Vitacost’s own brand) product line is great and we use the fruit punch pre-workout and the fruit punch glutamine. Glutamine is one of the 20 amino acids that make up the body. It plays a role in protein synthesis, regulation of acid-base balance and is an awesome recovery agent that I take it multiple times a day. I like the flavored kind to throw in my ice water, not only will I drink the whole glass but it makes it tolerable to do so. It also goes great in my pre-workout because they have the same flavor and it adds an extra dose to my day.

Yogi Stress Relief Tea- I love the Yogi brand of teas and use quite a few of them! My favorites are Kava Stress Relief, Detox, ginger, and Cinnamon Vanilla Healthy skin. I use these throughout the day depending on how I am feeling and drink a cup of kava stress relief mixed with soothing Caramel Bedtime almost every night before bed. It fills me up when I want to snack and relaxes my body before hitting the sack. Tea has so many great benefits for your well being, so much so I will have to do a post on it soon!

I wasn’t sure what to post recipe wise for today so I decided to post what I will be making for dinner. Usually the hubby and I are pretty wild on Friday nights, I am usually tucked in bed by 8 pm zonked out from the long week while he sits and makes fun of me! Tonight I wanted to add a twist onto the usual quinoa so I am going to make quinoa “unfried” fried rice with grilled chicken. We will see how it goes!

Have a great weekend!


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