Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Healthy Holidays

Happy Friday y’all! Hope you had a successful health filled week and are geared up for a fun-filled weekend. With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to give some tips that help you stay on track while surrounded by scrumptious food during any holiday. A big Easter brunch in our house means bacon, eggs, casseroles, and sweet treats. With any big event, there is going to be lots of food and lots of temptation… But there are plenty of ways to stay on track while still indulging in your big event.
  • The Biggest tip I use is… Devise a plan BEFORE you go and stick to it. If you are going to have a treat meal at your gathering, be sure you have packed your other meals to help keep you from snacking on everything in sight. If you are going to follow your plan at your event and did not pack meals, be sure to bring a dish that you know is healthy or stop by the store and grab a veggie tray along with other items (flowers for the hostess) to set out that will keep you on track. It has been shown that if you have an action plan in place, more people than not, tend to stick to it especially if they tell someone else in the group about it. Accountability is key!
  • Exercise! Whether you plan on hitting the gym nice and early before your event or heading for a walk after brunch with family members, get moving! This will keep you focused on your goal, get the blood pumping in your body, and keep you feeling good during the day. The endorphin's that you get from exercise can make a huge difference in your mood throughout the day!
  • Drink up. Make sure you are drinking your water during the day (well every day) but especially when you are tempted to chow down on a bunch of Easter candy. When you have a craving, drink a glass of water and see if it goes away in about 10-15 minutes. More times than not, when a craving hits, we are just thirsty and drinking our water manages to subdue our cravings. 
  • Practice portion control. I am all for having a treat meal but try to practice self-control when noshing on delicious treats. Pick the items that you really want to eat, have a small portion, and enjoy the time with your family compared to divulging in a huge plate of food and ending up with a belly ache.
  • Eat to live not live to eat. Food is fuel for our bodies. It is what allows us to walk, run marathons, lift weights, bear children, and perform all the amazing feats we find possible so it is important that we treat our bodies with respect and fuel them accordingly. Feed your body how you want it to perform. If you want to feel at the top of your game, you need to fuel with nutritious foods but if you want to eat whatever you want, you very well could feel, well, like you have been eating whatever you want.
Remember that the holidays are about celebration and quality time with friends and family. Plan and stick to a game plan and enjoy every moment! Here are the recipes!

Have a wonderful weekend and take care of you!


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