Monday, April 28, 2014

Take Anywhere Workout

Good Monday Morning! I have had a couple requests to post a new workout that can be performed anywhere with little to no equipment necessary. These are great when you are stuck inside on a rainy day and cannot make it to the gym or if you are traveling and need a feel good endorphin rush from a workout.

This workout can be performed however you choose but I did it in this order and was sweating like a pig at the end (Sorry TMI): Warmup, Circuit One, Circuit Two, Circuit Three, Warmup, Circuit Three, Circuit Two, Circuit One, Warmup with a little bit of rest in between each.
o    30 jumping jacks
o    15 body weight squats
o    10 push ups
o    10 lunges (each leg)
o    15 bridges
o    30 jumping jacks
Circuit One:
o    10 Burpees
o    10 Plank up-downs
o    10 Incline pushups, using a chair or bench
o    20 Sumo Squats (wide stance)
Circuit Two:
o    10 Jump squats
o    20 Side lunges, alternating legs
o    15 Chair Dips
o    15 Goblet squats, holding something heavy like your kiddo J
Circuit Three:
o    20 Box jumps, or stair jumps, or jumping over something
o    10 Tricep pushups
o    50 Bicycle crunches

o    30-sec Side Plank holds

Over the weekend we had a big family dinner and as a side dish, I prepared some yummy twice baked sweet potatoes that are very figure friendly but still offer the satisfying creamy delicious-ness as normal twice baked potatoes. I actually made a batch of each and the sweet potatoes were the more popular pick! 

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