Friday, April 25, 2014

Fitspiration Boards

Life as we know it comes with many facets from juggling work, family, and our social life along with fitness and nutrition goals. It can be a struggle trying to achieve and maintain balance in our lives and be downright overwhelming at times. You can however, create an inspiration board for any part of your life that provides specific details and help strategize your goals. 
The first step to creating your fitspiration board (or any other type of board) is to envision your goal. Once you have a goal in mind, you can place pictures that represent how you want to achieve this goal, helping organize your thoughts and hopefully preventing you from feeling overwhelmed or losing sight of balance.

Where to start? First take your goal. For example maybe your goal is to incorporate more whole foods into your diet. Search magazines, books and of course Pinterest for images that accurately depict your goal, in this case, choosing images of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, variety of grains/seeds, recipes and posting them to a board provides guidance, inspiration and motivation to help you achieve your goal. 

As you piece together your images, choose the one that highlights your goal the most and post it dead center
on your board. This is your ‘Bulls Eye’, signifying your goal and helps you visualize it on a daily basis, reminding you of your purpose! 

Next, surround your central image with other pictures that inspire you, create balance, and help you reach your goal. Maybe you want to add images that help strengthen your emotional health or your physical health or both. It is YOUR board so you will want to organize it in a manner that speaks to you.

Are you still wondering why create a vision board? This is your personalized board to help you visualize your goal and to seek daily inspiration from. You definitely want images that light a fire within you, that motivate you, that encourage you, that keep you inspired to work towards that Bulls eye! It may sound silly, but I have been making these for years from my high school days when they were mainly comprised of horse images and volleyball to college where the focus shifted to academics to my current health and fitness goals as a competitor and wife. I personally keep mine posted in our closet, front and center in an area I visit numerous times a day.

I will be posting images (here and there) that I use as fitspiration, most of which I have discovered on Pinterest not only because it inspires me to continue chasing my goals but my wish is that you find inspiration from them as well! Please feel free to share your inspiration boards or ideas; you never know who you might inspire! 



Ain't that the truth! :)

Take care of you!


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  1. Love it! I am already thinking about what I am going to create and where to hang it! Thanks for sharing the idea.