Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Produce Guide


The amount of daylight has gotten shorter, the sun takes its sweet time to appear in the crisp mornings, the wind and rain have made their appearance, and all of our favorites (sweaters, cozy boots, fires, comfort food) have been brought back to life after a pleasant summer. However, with Fall, the farmers markets are gone until next year, our favorite summer produce items have cycled out of season, and it is time to get creative with the hearty fruits and vegetables that are in ripe right now!

When buying produce that is "in season" it will help cut down on your grocery bill especially if you shop your local sale ads. The vegetables that are perfect for your Fall menu include some of my favorites such as acorn squash, butternut squash, pumpkin and spaghetti squash. They are wonderful to roast and create a hearty side dish or puree into a delicious warming soup. Brussel sprouts, turnips, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes are also great to add to salads, stews or roast and eat by themselves. Additional vegetables that are great in the Fall include swiss chard, beets, and celery root. 

Fresh fruits that are perfect for the Fall include pomegranate seeds, figs, and cranberries. Toss them into your salads or bake them into a warm fruit crisp. Apples (think fresh pressed cider or simmered cinnamon apples), pears, and grapes (believe it or not!) are perfect this time of year to create delicious and healthy desserts for the whole family. Asian pears are a delicious crisp treat as well as passion fruit and persimmons. 

Do not fear the produce isle this time of year for there are wonderful options for every occasion. Some of my favorite recipes include several of the items listed above and I look forward to sharing a couple of them with you. Please feel free to share your favorite fall recipes!

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